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Senior Living Community Resident Stories 

Senior living communities often have their own culture reflective of that neighborhood. The senior lifestyles at Episcopal SeniorLife Communities allow residents to explore their passion through social engagement with the comfort of high-quality senior care services as needed. Get a glimpse into life at ESLC and affordable housing for seniors by exploring some of our resident testimonials along with stories from volunteers and staff.

Resident Stories

Photo of Lee Atene

Lee Atene

Cooking and baking were always a passion for Lee and her husband. Carlo was from Italy, and after they were married, she made Italian bread from scratch every week, and every Saturday was pizza night.


Photo of Maxine Atias

Maxine Atias

During a very challenging time when she was dealing with some health concerns, Maxine Atias found Brentland Woods, a place that is now her happy home among the other residents and staff, and where she’s rekindled her love for enjoying nature.


Photo of Renada Dixon

Renada Dixon

No matter whether she’s at home or at Brentland Woods, Renada Dixon cares about her family, which includes the residents at Brentland Woods—just one of the reasons she was named the Catherine Johnson Caregiver of the Year in 2017.


Photo of Doris Doersam

Doris Doersam

At 99 years old, Doris Doersam has had a long and productive life—and her age hasn’t affected her ability to adapt to new places and make new friends.


Photo of Deb Kovacic

Deb Kovacic

Deb Kovacic of Fairport, NY, now knows that a fall can happen to anyone—at any time. Especially when you least expect it.


Photo of Fran Kreider

Fran Kreider

If you were to stop in at The Episcopal Church Home or Brentland Woods during any week, there's a good chance you'd see Fran Kreider-singing, reading aloud, making crafts or knitting with residents. In fact, she's the 2016 ESLC Generations Award recipient for her dedicated volunteerism.


Photo of Eileen Malloy-Desormeaux

Eileen Malloy-Desormeaux

The reason Eileen Malloy Desormeaux retired back in 2015, at just 61 years old? “I was tired,” she says. As an AP and Honors Chemistry teacher for Pittsford-Sutherland High School...


Photo of Kay And Jack Quinn

Kay and Jack Quinn

Like lots of couples, Kay and Jack Quinn wanted more time to enjoy life after they retired. They also wanted to be done with maintaining their big house in Chili, but neither of them was ready for an apartment.


Photo of Clair And Carol Schaffner

Clair and Carol Schaffner

Clair and Carol Schaffner managed to grow stronger and closer together in their shared faith in God when their son Scott David unexpectedly passed at a young age. To look at them now, it’s obvious that they are two of the most positive, loving and grateful people you’ll ever meet. The smiles never leave their faces, and their eyes radiate kindness and warmth.


Photo of Mary Toland

Mary Toland

Mary Toland never thought she’d be living in Henrietta, after living all her life in Livingston County. But after she made the decision that it was time to move, she discovered Rockwood Center and is so glad she did.


Photo of Judy Trost

Judy Trost

Judy Trost was born to knit—literally. Her mother went into labor with Judy while knitting! Judy remembers sitting at her mother’s feet and asking when she could learn to knit. Of course her mom said she could start right away. She was just 8 years old, but Judy made a camel-colored sweater with set-in shoulders and buttons. Since then, she’s never stopped knitting and crocheting.


We grieve the loss and cherish the memories of those residents whose life stories appear below:

Photo of Carol Aldridge

Carol Aldridge

Carol, at 93 years old, has officially retired from playing during Sunday service in The Chapel of the Good Shepherd. But she still pulls out her horn for special events at The Episcopal Church Home so that she can share her music with those closest to her, people she considers family.


Photo of Rose Avnet

Rose Avnet

To talk with her now, you would never have guessed that Rose Avnet was quiet and tearful when she first came to live at The Episcopal Church Home (ECH).


Photo of Frank Christa

Frank Christa

When you meet Frank Christa, you can count on him to look you in the eye, shake your hand—and remember your name. “That’s one of the first lessons you learn in banking,” says Frank.


Photo of Lucretia McClure

Lucretia McClure

Step into the library at Valley Manor, and you’ll see why it’s Lucretia McClure’s pride and joy. It’s filled with more than 3,000 volumes she’s curated and catalogued herself, and features a stunning wooden boardroom table and ten leather chairs.


Photo of Shirley Norquest

Shirley Norquest

She’s piloted a Cessna, raced around the track with Al Unser in an Indy stock car, sold real estate for 44 years, taught real estate licensing and brokerage classes for the Corning Board of Realtors...


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