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1570 Gallery at Valley Manor Features Teresa Schreiber Werth

February 21, 2024

It has taken me most of my 77 years to realize that I use my creativity to help me make sense of life, to make sense of the chaos and that which I cannot change.

I began making original artwork composed almost exclusively of natural elements: catalpa, peony and lotus pods, fern fronds, pinecones, tree bark, burnt wood, driftwood, seashells, acorns, & feathers.

artwork created by Teresa Schreiber Werth

In working with these natural materials, I realized that the essence of life is not so much the seed, as it is the root. No seed grows and survives until the root takes hold, until the root creates a strong bond where it is planted, until it is nourished and grows into something strong and enduring. Without strong roots, my life would have looked very different. Without strong roots, most of the materials I use in my art, would not exist.

And so, when people look at my artwork, I hope that they begin to see these natural elements differently, these dried remnants of once-green and living things, that live on as an expression of beauty, even as they have, in a sense, “died.” I hope that people will see how these disparate pieces work together to create something unique, expressive and beautiful with a new life!

Most of the frames and backgrounds I use are from thrift stores. The occasional piece of vintage jewelry adds a bit of whimsy. Acrylic paint provides splashes of color. Discarded canvases are resurrected and enhanced with new meaning.

My objective is to offer viewers a fresh perspective of common things transformed! And, at the same time, to foster an appreciation of the importance of “the root,” as the necessary anchor for anything to grow and flourish… including our own creativity.

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