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My Sister’s Gallery Presents, “Take a Walk With Me” by Judy Foster

October 5, 2023

Judy has been taking pictures for most of her life, but it wasn’t until she got her first digital camera that her passion ignited. “I would get my pictures back from the developer and think that is not what I saw through the lens. But once I got a digital camera, I was thrilled! What I saw was what I got.”  And she has been hooked ever since.

IMG 0038

Judy and her husband, Richard, have been married for almost thirty-five years. They love to travel—Judy has been to all fifty states three times, except Hawaii, which she has visited twice.
“I was camping before walking, so my parents get the credit for my love of travel. I enjoy seeing our beautiful country and taking pictures at every stop.”
Nature photography evolved not only because her love of travel but because she is a walker; she walks every day that she can. “I have arthritis in my legs and tell people I walk so I can walk.” Judy has found a way to strap her camera to her, and she takes it everywhere. Her favorite place to walk is the Lehigh Valley Trail. It is on this trail that she gets many of her pictures. “The section of the trail we walk has open fields, woods, and a swamp, attracting many birds and animals. I have counted 47 different species of birds in just one season.”

Judy does not own a high-powered lens or a computer editing program. “Carrying a large lens would require me to learn how to use my camera better. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I am an auto-focus kind of gal. I have missed some shots, but I know that I would have missed more if I had to change the camera apertures etc., to get the ‘right’ shot.”

IMG 0039

Judy believes that Mother Nature does a good job on her own. The only editing she will do is crop a picture or change the lighting.
Judy also is the author of three books. Two: “A Moment in Time. A Reflection of 2020” and “A Million Miles of Luck”. It can be found on the internet for sale. She is currently contemplating another book because there are always more pictures.

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