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Safe Ways to Stay Active

July 28, 2020

The Importance of Staying Socially Active for Seniors

Do you feel happier and more energetic when socializing with loved ones and friends versus spending time at home by yourself? Being socially active can actually improve your overall state of well-being. Here are just some of the positive benefits your body experiences when you live a regular socially active lifestyle:

  • Boosted mental health
  • Improved physical health
  • Sense of belonging
  • Improved eating and sleeping habits
  • Increased longevity

There are a variety of ways you can stay safe and socially active this summer and continue to live a healthy lifestyle, even during the Coronavirus pandemic.

5 Safe Ways to Stay Socially Active this Summer

While you may not be able to travel with loved ones or go out to restaurants like you used to, there are still activities you can do with family, friends and neighbors that will keep you socially active (from a safe distance).

  1. Exercise Outdoors. Being outdoors and breathing in fresh air is very good for you. It’s also important that you incorporate moderate exercise into your everyday routine to keep yourself healthy. You can exercise outdoors with friends by simply walking, biking or jogging six feet apart from each other. You can also wear a mask when outside with loved ones for extra safety and security.
  1. Enjoy a Virtual Concert. With all of the safety precautions in place and concerts being cancelled all over the country, many famous artists have started to stream virtual concerts online for free. You could invite a friend to stream the concert with you and watch it together to experience music you enjoy and create new memories.
  1. Try a New Recipe. Baking with loved ones is a great way to stay socially active, since you can try out new recipes and then enjoy them together. To adhere to social distancing recommendations, you can simply share the recipe with your loved one and have them bake it themselves to compare how their dish turns out. You also can video chat with a friend and bake the recipe simultaneously with them, or you could sit outdoors, six feet apart from your loved one and sample the recipe together.
  1. Stream an Online Fitness Class with Friends. There are so many great online fitness classes and workouts that you can stream and participate in with friends and family. By working out virtually with others, you are actively staying fit while creating new memories with friends. The best part about an online fitness class is you can do it whenever and wherever you and your loved ones are comfortable!
  1. Virtually Connect with Loved Ones. Whether you are creating a consistent schedule to call your loved ones each week or video chatting with them whenever they’re available, it’s important to establish some sort of regular communication. By calling or video conferencing, you are helping to prevent yourself from feeling isolated, lonely or even depressed. Communication is a great, safe way for you to stay socially active with all of the people you love.

Live a Socially Active Lifestyle at Episcopal SeniorLife Communities

At Episcopal SeniorLife Communities, we provide our residents with a variety of safe ways to engage in both social and physical activities. Our virtual Neighborhood Program provides you with a variety of classes to take alone or with friends as a way for you to stay active and engaged right from the comfort of your own home.

We also provide our residents with opportunities to stay connected through Google Duo, limited in-person visits, and small group activities.

Contact us today at (585) 546-8400 to learn more about all of the social, physical and spiritual activities that await you in Episcopal SeniorLife Communities.

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