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Safe Exercises to Stay Fit

August 25, 2020

How Can I Exercise During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Exercising regularly is incredibly important to your overall state of well-being, and can help to improve both your mental and physical health. But you may be wondering how you can continue to stay active and physically fit during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, there are several safe exercises you can still do from the comfort of your own home or outside in your front yard that will help you stay active, while adhering to the current social distancing rules.

6 Simple Workouts for Seniors

Here are six different workouts you can try from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Joe Wicks Workout Videos. Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, has a variety of free, lower impact workouts designed for seniors available online that you can easily follow along with in your living room or wherever you’re comfortable.
  1. Toe Lifts. This simple exercise will help you to strengthen your legs and improve your balance. You simply need to stand beside a chair or counter, place your hands on the surface for support and then push yourself up onto your toes as high as you comfortably can. Hold for a few seconds, then return back to a standing position. Repeat these 10 to 15 times.
  1. Single Foot Stand. Make sure you have a sturdy chair nearby before you start this exercise. Grab onto the chair, pick up your left foot and balance by standing on your right foot. Then, switch to standing on your left foot and pick up your right. See how long you can comfortably hold this pose and try to gradually increase the amount of time to challenge yourself.
  1. Chair Squats. This exercise will help to strengthen your entire lower body and is very simple to do. You just have to stand in front of a chair with your feet hip width apart, bend your knees and lower yourself so that you sit down on the chair. Then simply stand back up and repeat 10 to 15 times. If you want to challenge yourself and are physically able, hold five or 10-pound dumbbells when you do this exercise.
  1. Wall Push-Ups. These are a great alternative to normal push-ups and are more senior-friendly. Stand in front of a sturdy wall, place your hands against the wall directly in front of your shoulders and bend your elbows to lean in towards the wall. Stop leaning when your face is close to the wall.
  1. Head Turn. This exercise involves you moving your head in the same motion that you would to say “no.” To do this exercise, stand with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. From there, turn your head slowly to the right and hold that position for a few seconds. Then turn your head slowly to the left and repeat.

4 Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Here are just some of the many benefits you can experience when you regularly incorporate exercise into your daily routine:

  1. Decreased Risk of Falls. As you age, you become more susceptible to falls. One way to actively improve your strength, balance and flexibility, and reduce your risk of falls is through regular amounts of exercise.
  1. Improved Mental Health. When you exercise, you are producing endorphins that can help you relieve stress, improve your mood and leave you feeling happy overall.
  1. Disease Prevention. Maintaining a regular physical exercise routine can help prevent your body from some common diseases and improve the overall function of your immune system.
  1. Enhanced Cognitive Function. With regular physical activity comes improved cognitive function. If you keep up with your exercise routine, you may be able to lower your risk of dementia.

Experience a Healthy, Active Lifestyle at Episcopal SeniorLife Communities

At Episcopal SeniorLife Communities, we understand the importance of health and fitness, and that’s why we provide ample resources and amenities to live an active lifestyle. Our Neighborhood Programs are designed to give you opportunities to exercise, and promote a higher level of health and wellness.

Our Neighborhood Programs offer a variety of exercise classes, including a tailored balance program, chair yoga, tai chi, strength training, and much more!

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud to offer you virtual programs as well, to allow you to feel safe and workout from the comfort of your home. Please contact us to learn more about the many different ways you can live an active lifestyle when you join our community.

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