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My Sister’s Gallery Presents: “Close to Home” By Sheridan Vincent

January 10, 2024

For this exhibit, I have chosen photos I have taken over the last 20 years. I have not had the wanderlust to pursue photographs beyond the Rochester Region. We have it all with very photogenic lake shores, fabulous parks, four seasons, and an interesting skyline and architecture. We can go on and on, can’t we? The is also often a bit of a changing scene both from the perspective of the physical places, but also, taking advantage of new photographic methods and equipment to capture a new look for an old photo haunt.


IMG 1323

I have lived here since 1974 when I moved from Minnesota to pursue a career at Kodak. I retired in 2005 and since then have enjoyed continuing my lifetime in the photography industry as a photographer. I very much enjoy trying to keep up with the advancing capabilities in play today with camera, software, and media. I strive to keep up with the state of the art and enjoy producing large photographs with crisp detail.

IMG 1324

All my photographs can be produced in various sizes with media ranging from conventional frames, canvas, face-mounted acrylic, and AluminArte. I am very pleased to return to My Sister’s Gallery for this exhibit and very much appreciate the opportunity to show you my photo efforts.

Sheridan Vincent
Cell 585-472-2005

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