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Aging in Place or Living in Place?

April 5, 2019

What does it mean to age in place? The common phrase conjures images of elders sitting idle in a rocking chair, watching the world go by in the home where they raised their families. However, the real intention of the phrase is to promote options for seniors to “live” in a place of their choosing. It is for this reason that ESLC offers an alternative phrase, “living in place.”

Living in place is about much more than staying in your home during your golden years. Living in place means having a vibrant, inspired retirement lifestyle, one where you get the most out of each day. It’s about living gracefully in the place of your choice, knowing that your needs are met, and you can enjoy every day to the fullest. Instead of remaining in the family home, many seniors are choosing to downsize into apartments, patio homes and retirement communities, making living in place a more manageable and enjoyable option for themselves and their families.

Living in Place and the Benefits of Retirement Communities

Today’s seniors have many options for successfully living and maintaining as much independence as possible. Senior living communities offer a great way for older adults to live in place. Many seniors choose these communities because they offer all of the services and amenities that you could ever need – from an independent living apartment or patio home to assisted living services and memory care support, should you ever need it.

Additionally, active, healthy seniors are starting to realize the benefits of downsizing and the convenience of carefree retirement living without the burden of maintaining a home. Plus, studies have shown that staying active socially, another benefit of community living, has many positive effects on seniors, from strengthening your immune system to reducing the risk of injury.

Enjoy Vibrant, Active Retirement Living at Episcopal SeniorLife Communities

We invite you to come visit Episcopal SeniorLife Communities to learn more about living in place and the variety of diverse living options available. From housekeeping and cooking, to medication management, transportation, bathing and dressing, our communities are designed to offer the services seniors need so they can live as independently as possible, no matter their age. Contact us today.

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