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How Senior Living Celebrates Freedom and Independence

July 15, 2021

As Americans, July is the month we formally celebrate our independence. Of course, the lifestyle we lead allows us to celebrate our freedoms every day. And independence comes in many forms. There’s a parallel here to senior independent living. A senior living community offers you true independence today and into the future. How exactly? Let’s take a look.

The many forms of independence.

First, consider your personal safety. If you’ve lived in the same big house for decades, you’ve probably wondered whether you’ll really be safe there indefinitely. The upkeep and maintenance alone can be physically taxing. Being relatively isolated inside the home isn’t always the safest scenario either. And think about the challenges of winter and extreme weather events such as braving the roads in hazardous conditions for shopping, paying bills, or running errands. As you’ll see, you’d be a lot safer — and more independent — in a senior living community.

Mobility and social connection are also forms of independence.

Retirement is a time to get up and go. But if planning a vacation getaway means calling utility companies, placing stop dates on mail, and arranging for lawn mowing, snow removal, pet care and other details, one’s level of independence isn’t exactly “lock and leave.” And if months — even years — pass with little opportunity to bring new people into your life, being alone and independent in your house isn’t real independence at all.

Having the freedom to enjoy your time.

The phrase we use is “free time.” That’s when you can do exactly what you want. Without it, you’re just spending time on tasks that essentially never end — housekeeping, food shopping, cooking and cleanup, and all the other endless chores. Independent living in a senior living community instantly gives you time for inspired play and exploration. You won’t have to cook unless you want to. And because dining is also a social event, living in a community immediately opens up new social horizons that lead to fun new friendships.

You can’t be independent if your body isn’t fit.

It can be tough to stay fit and active, even for young and middle-aged people. But this is where residents of a senior living community have an advantage. They may have access to a pool and fitness center right where they live. Instructors and trainers may even be there as well. Even relatively sedentary seniors can find their way into yoga and fitness classes along with many other enjoyable options to optimize one’s health.

Explore all the activities available to you.

At independent living communities, there’s always something meaningful to do — aerobics, yoga, weight training, exercise classes, volunteering, cultural events, recreational day trips, shopping excursions, leisure activities and more. Through on-campus guest speakers and educational offerings, residents also have more opportunities for intellectual engagement than they would in a home setting. And they enjoy social connections at every turn. It’s so much easier to forge meaningful friendships than it would be living at home. This is true independent living with activities and events that bring residents together. With safety, time-saving convenience, dining options, and a range of enjoyable amenities, the maintenance-free independent living communities may offer just the kind of independence you prefer, now and in the years ahead.

For seniors who are still active, an independent living community may be the ideal setting because it offers a supportive, community-focused neighborhood where they can live on their own and meet new people, but also have access to some additional assistance when it’s needed.

We invite you to come visit us at Episcopal SeniorLife Communities and explore all the living options we offer. To schedule your personal tour of an ESLC community near you, please contact us today.

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