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1570 Gallery at Valley Manor Presents: “Variety, the Spice of Life” by Steve Duprey

November 20, 2023

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I have been making art all my life. That is why the answer to the question, “How long did it take you to paint this?” is always, “All my life!” I started out singing and then playing the guitar; later, I took up acting, directing, and playwriting. I composed songs and played shows with my band; I also briefly danced.

But after dabbling in various art forms, there was a desire to paint. I had been doing it for decades with actors and sets, costumes and props. The stage was my canvas. I painted on the stage, too scared to pick up a brush. Finally, after years and years of hearing me say, “One of these days…” my wife got tired enough of hearing it and, for my fiftieth Christmas, bought me everything I needed to get started. Come Christmas morning, she uttered those memorable and loving words, “There…Shut up and paint!”

I started in acrylics but soon found the joy of oils. I learned from everyone I could – friends, experts and anyone on YouTube with a brush. What I thought would be a hobby turned into a passion, then a business, then a passion again.

I am drawn to nature, whether in the woods around our cabin in Prattsburgh, NY or the Finger Lakes’ lakes, fields, bridges and barns. I have occasionally strayed from nature to paint the occasional still life or portrait. They challenge me and give me something new to focus on when nature fails me, as it sometimes does. Painting has become a solace for me, as it has for many artists. I have found that my paints and brushes are always there when I need them.

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Every artist asks the same question of themselves at one time or another. “What am I trying to say?” I only know a few who have answered the question to their satisfaction. For me, the search continues.

Steve’s artwork and link to his plays are found here:

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