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My Sister’s Gallery Presents: “Be One With Nature”

August 24, 2023

Dick Thomas was raised and still lives in Caledonia, NY. He completed a successful 33-year career in Environmental Enforcement, retiring in 2015 to pursue his passion for photographing all things nature full-time. He has been taking photos for more than 40 years and has contributed images to regional and national publications, textbooks and multi-media presentations. His work has been featured in many NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Publications and promotional materials for Livingston County and the Finger Lakes Region. Dick exhibits his work regularly at the Image City Photography Gallery in Rochester, The Village Gallery in Caledonia and the Dansville Artworks.

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Dick feels that his cameras not only serve as tools for creativity but also how he can contribute the most toward environmental awareness, conservation and preservation. He believes everyone needs nature, with its powers of rejuvenation and clarity, now more than ever. His photography helps him connect personally with nature and share with others his vision for a better understanding of biodiversity and human relationships with our air, water and wildlife.

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Many years ago, Dick embraced digital technology. He shoots with digital SLRs and deems his post-processing work critical to creating art. Although he regards familiarity with one’s equipment as necessary, Dick believes in personal vision as the most powerful photographic tool. He prefers to use natural light and skillful RAW image processing to bring out his interpretation of nature. Dick also enjoys what he considers a “release from realism” through the creative use of his iPhone and the artful renditions he creates using different applications.

Dick’s work can be found at:


Facebook: Dick Thomas Photography

Instagram: dthomasphotography


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