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How Could You Benefit from Assisted Living?

January 4, 2019

Getting older often means needing a little more help with the tasks we once did on our own. However, admitting the need for this help isn’t always so easy. Moving to an assisted living community doesn’t mean having to say goodbye to independence. There are many benefits to moving to an assisted living community.

Assisted living is designed to provide just that—assistance. This could include support with daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, dressing, bathing, transportation and even medication management — all things that can contribute to living a more active, healthy, fulfilled life.

Unsure if an assisted living community is right for you or your loved one? Here are some ways seniors can benefit:

  1. Never having to worry about getting where you need to go. Many seniors feel unsafe driving as they get older, or no longer want the hassle of keeping up with a car. However, this can make it difficult to get to all the places you need to go during the day. Assisted living communities can offer safe, reliable transportation to local shopping, events and even doctor’s appointments, making it easy for seniors to go where they need, when they need.
  2. Regular housekeeping and no home to maintain. Keeping up with a home becomes more difficult with age. Assisted living communities provide one-floor, no maintenance apartment-style living, as well as regular housekeeping, so seniors never have to worry about cleaning or any of the burdens that comes the upkeep of a home.
  3. Opportunities to socialize and stay active. Staying social and active is key to healthy aging. At an assisted living community, residents are never far from the social events and activities they need to stay active and healthy. In fact, studies show that regularly socializing as you age not only wards off feelings of loneliness and isolation, but may even decrease your risk for cognitive decline.
  4. Nutritious, home-style meals prepared for you. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. But many seniors lose the desire to cook the nutritious meals they need to stay healthy as they age. Moving to assisted living means never having to worry what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition to delicious meals, many assisted living communities offer community-style dining to ensure every meal is enjoyable and social.
  5. Peace of mind for you and your family. Assisted living communities provide a safe and secure setting that gives both residents and their families peace of mind. Everything from the layout of the community to individual apartments is designed to ensure seniors are safe, supported and at home.
  6. Assistance with activities that have become a struggle. Seniors should never feel like they are held back from living the life they want just because daily tasks such as dressing, bathing or medication management have become more difficult. At an assisted living community, you’ll receive the compassionate support you need to ensure you’re able to live life to the fullest.

Is an assisted living community right for you or your loved one?  Episcopal SeniorLife Communities is happy to discuss this option with you further by calling 585-546-8400. We offer personalized care plans alongside a range of services and amenities at three of our locations. Want to learn more? Hear Dr. Heppard, ESLC Medical Director describes how we’re providing innovative assisted living to meets the needs of residents today and in the future.

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