Volunteer Awards

The Volunteer Awards honor individuals and organizations who provide outstanding volunteer service to ESLC residents. These award are the highest honor Episcopal SeniorLife Communities bestows on those who care about our seniors.

Nominate an ESLC volunteer for the Generations Award. Or nominate an ESLC resident volunteer for the Good Neighbor Award.

Award nominees should meet the following qualifications in ordered to be considered for the award:

Dedication – Goes above and beyond the responsibilities required of the volunteer’s role.
Compassion – Demonstrates personal concern and care for ESLC Residents.
Vision – Inspires ESLC Residents and staff to live active, purposeful, and fulfilled lives.
Volunteerism – Active ESLC Volunteer who meets the service criteria for each award.

Please return all nominations by August 15th to Jennifer Rougeux in the ESLC Volunteer Office at 505 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620 or jrougeux@EpiscopalSeniorLife.org.

Generations Award Recipients:

  • 2018 Barb Kowulich
  • 2017 Lisa Gwinner
  • 2016 Fran Kreider
  • 2015 Fran Davis
  • 2014 Lois Gauch
  • 2013 ESLC Women’s Auxiliary
  • 2012 Jim and Connie Graves
  • 2011 Don Dambrowski
  • 2010 Randy Inglis
  • 2009 Shirley Hoak
  • 2008 Paul Graham
  • 2007 Robert Klafehn
  • 2006 Sally Tait
  • 2005 Millie and Bryan Seiler
  • 2004 Ruth Stewart
  • 2003 Episcopal Church of the Epiphany

Good Neighbor Award Recipients:


  • Beatrice Place: Craig Meeh
  • Brentland Woods: Su Crawford
  • Episcopal Church Home: Philomena Dinieri
  • Pinehurst: Bonnie Van Ooyen
  • River Edge Manor: Margaret VanHall
  • Rockwood Center: Gladys Reeves and Rowan Hargrave
  • Seabury Woods: The Rev. John and Toni Burr
  • Valley Manor: Jeannine Korman


  • Beatrice Place: Doug Berry
  • Brentland Woods: Helen Cumley
  • Episcopal Church Home: Jonathan Liston
  • Pinehurst: Sally Gilbert
  • River Edge Manor: Mary Joyce Brown
  • Rockwood Center: Mary Toland
  • Seabury Woods: Kathy Klim
  • Valley Manor: Miriam Thomas

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