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Gorgeous Grandma Breakfast Winners

      Episcopal SeniorLife Communities celebrated its 2nd Annual Gorgeous Grandma Celebration on the morning of July 23, 2010. ESLC hosts a Gorgeous Grandma Contest during June and July to invite kids ages 5-13 to write about why they think their grandma is gorgeous. Entries were judged based on creativity, clarity, and thoughtfulness. Each winner brought his or her gorgeous grandma, along with a guest of choice to a formal buffet breakfast. The 2010 Gorgeous Grandmas were: Tina Arpon, Rayvonnia Haygood, Marilyn McCrank, Joan McGillicuddy, Joyce Anita Miller, Kay Quinn, Mary Reabold, and Ethel Walters. The 2010 Gorgeous Grandma Contest Winners included: Rayana Deleon, Ellington Hall, Brennan Hong, Molly Hong, Andrew Korts, Yalexcia Mcfield, McKinley Anita Miller, Tia Rivera, Miguel Torres, and Valerie Viau.

Ellington Hall and his family enjoy a formal buffet breakfast in celebration of their Gorgeous GrandmaEllington Hall enjoys a formal buffet breakfast with his grandma and guest, his sister Harmony following close behind.




Yalexcia Mcfield displaying her certificate of recognition for the Gorgeous Grandma Contest



All winners and their grandmas were presented with a special certificate of recognition for celebrating this special day! Here, Yalexcia Mcfield displays her certificate proudly.





The 2nd place winner in the 5-7 age group, McKinley Anita Miller, with her grandma, Joyce Anita Miller


McKinley Anita Miller was the 2nd place winner in the 5-7 age group. She said her grandma, Joyce Anita Miller, is gorgeous "because she does her hair at least once a week and she always has lunch ready before you even walk in the door!" McKinley even wrote a poem about her grandma! (pictured left)




Valerie Viau, the 1st place winner in the 5-7 age group with her grandma, Marilyn McCrank




Valerie Viau was the 1st place winner in the 5-7 year old category. She says her grandma, Marilyn McCrank, is gorgeous because "she does lots of church work and she will always help people who need it." (pictured right)



Ellington Hall, one of the 1st place winners in the 8-10 age group with his grandma, Rayvonnia Haygood



One of our first place winners in the 8-10 age group was Ellington Hall. His grandma, Rayvonnia Haygood, is gorgeous because she helps out at school AND she even lets him skateboard in her basement. (pictured left)




The second place winner in the 10-13 age group,Tia Rivera, with her grandma, Mary Reabold



Tia Rivera is our 2nd place winner in the 10-13 age group. She describes her Gram, Mary Reabold, as gorgeous because she is so funny and loving. (pictured right)





Yalexcia Mcfield, the 1st place winner in the 10-13 age group with her grandma, Ethel Walters



The 1st place winner in the 10-13 age group was Yalexcia Mcfield. She says her grandma, Ethel Walters, is gorgeous because "she has the softest skin in the world without creams or lotions!" (pictured left)





Kay Quinn and her three grandchildren, Miguel Torres, Molly Hong, and Brennan Hong


One very special grandma, Kay Quinn, was nominated by three of her grandchildren, Miguel Torres, Molly Hong, and Brennan Hong. "She is a game person and wears pretty earrings and necklaces. Nana comes to a lot of things at our school!" (pictured right)







Episcopal SeniorLife Communities congratulates the 2010 Gorgeous Grandmas and their grandchildren! Stay tuned for the contest in 2011!

"I know three reasons why my Nana is gorgeous..." -Ellington Hall, winner in the 2010 Gorgeous Grandma Contest