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Questions & Answers

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Q: What are some important exercises?
Resident being assisted with rehabilitation exercisesA:
Below you will find some links to important stretches for various situations. Stretching is important for maintaining flexibility, but always be sure to consult your doctor before trying new exercises.

Standing Exercises
Seated Exercises

Knee Exercises
Hip Exercises

Q: I recently had knee surgery. Approximately how long before I obtain full range of motion in my knee?
Typically 3 months. Usually, by that time, you have regained most of the strength across the joint as well as range of motion. You will continue to improve throughout the first year after surgery, and by 1 year, you should have achieved full benefit from the operation. Click here to read more about Knee Replacement.

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“Immediately after my surgery, I could hardly stand because of severe pain from extensive muscle damage caused by an accident. Within days at The Center for Rehabilitation at The Episcopal Church Home, I was able to transfer better and stand up. My entire care team couldn't have been more helpful!” ~ Paul Brown, The Center for Rehabilitation Graduate